Now there is faster ram, data buses and the multiple core CPUs,
but the past five years has not seen much difference overall.

Dell OptiPlex Super Computer - $350

This is a Dell OptiPlex Super Computer SX280- You get the increased speed, power and extras of a desk top as portable as a laptop. Very fast 3.40 Ghz, 2 GB Ram, 500 GB Hard Drive, Pentium 4, XP Pro with service pak 3, 18" Flat Screen with height and tilt adjustments, CD / DVD Read & Write, Dell mouse, Dell Keyboard, includes Microsoft security suite, all updates are loaded. This is a one owner computer from a non-smoking office. The only reason it is for sale is due to my company going to dell laptops. The new laptop cannot perform close to this high output portable desktop. This won't last long at $350.00. Willing to consider a trade for silver coins of equal value. GREAT Christmas present for a family.