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2020 Chinese Silver Pandas
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Thread: 2020 Chinese Silver Pandas

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    Question 2020 Chinese Silver Pandas

    Looking to obtain my three 2020 Panda coins at America's largest precious metals dealer, who was (mistakenly?) selling them last month,
    for $14.99 over spot, I noticed they'd slapped a shipping delay notice for February twenty something on the product page.
    Now the delay date has been removed and all that is displayed is "Currently Out of Stock".

    I am referring to the government coin of the current year from one of the planet's largest mints.
    There are plenty of Panda coins for sale in Asian countries.
    The only place that I've found to have some at a decent price is Modern Coin Mart,
    especially their ebay storefront
    where one can buy NGC MS 69's for $40 and MS 70's for $60.
    They must have a sweet connection to be able to pick over the high grades at the beginning of the year.
    So I picked up three slabbed MS69s there, because compared to the big seller's advertised price of ~$34 each (before bankcard fees) the slab was about $6 extra and that seemed about worth it,
    and a bird in the hand....
    There look to be a lot of shady Chinese sellers taking advantage of the situation, promising delivery sometime in APRIL!!!

    While I'm on the topic. The Chinese suck for removing 1.1 grams of silver from their Panda coins.
    Since they are such a premium coin, it would have made far more sense for them to add the 0.9 grams of fine silver.
    Then they could have had more logically sized fractional coins, 5 silver = 16g, 8g, 4g, 2g and 1g, the last three for their gold issues.
    In my opinion, they should go for 32 gram coins in 2021 because their current fractional weights are a mess, and many still resent their trifling snatching of the 1.1 grams.
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