Every 30 – 40 years the world goes crazy, takes a deep dive into a shallow pond, dances with the devil, and resets gold internationally.

In 1913:

A corrupt congress created the Federal Reserve and reset gold’s status. Paper currency units (bad money) eventually drove gold (good money) out of the financial system. Add WWI, the IRS, and League of Nations.

In 1944 – 1949:

The Bretton Woods Agreement (1944) established the dollar as the reserve currency, backed by gold. WWII ended and the nuclear age began. The sun set on the British empire.

In 1980 – 85:

“Stagflation” ended, the gold bubble burst, and the debt-fueled bull market in stocks and bonds began. Gold prices reset lower after their bubble peak.

In 2019 – 2025 (speculation):

Gold reset higher (perhaps $10,000 – $20,000) in a multi-year rally because of diminished confidence in “over-printed” paper currencies, QE to infinity, corrupt central banks and insolvent governments.


In 1913: Gold was real money in the United States. Double eagles ($20.00), Eagles ($10.00), and Half-Eagles ($5.00) circulated. Congress and the bankers created The Federal Reserve to boost banker profits. Gold lost status in the financial reset.