8 Reasons A Huge Gold-Mania Is About To Begin

No. 1: Basel III Moves Gold Closer to Officially Being Money Again
No. 2: Central Banks Are Buying Record Amounts of Gold
No. 3: Oil for Gold – China’s Golden Alternative
No. 4: The Fed’s Dramatic Capitulation
No. 5: Takeover Frenzy in the Gold Mining Industry
No. 6: President Trump Is Pro-Gold
No. 7: Socialism Is on the Rise
No. 8: Gold-Backed Cryptos – A Monetary Revolution

The last catalyst for gold is cryptocurrencies backed by gold.
There are dozens of gold-backed cryptos sprouting up.

Peter Grosskopf, the CEO of Sprott, recently called gold-backed cryptocurrencies “the most important thing to happen to the gold market in the last several decades.”
Soon after, Sprott launched a gold-backed crypto it developed with its partners.
When Sprott – a leader in the natural resources industry – makes a big move into the gold-backed crypto space, it’s a definitive sign of where things are headed.

Gold-backed cryptos combine the best attributes of gold and cryptos. I can’t think of two other asset classes that have as many synergies. In other words, the whole is worth much more than the sum of the parts.
With cryptos redeemable for gold, we can now instantly send anyone anywhere in the world small or large amounts of gold – reliably and without interference. It’s nothing short of a monetary revolution.

Gold-backed cryptos are going to make using gold as money even more convenient for the average person and business. Anyone with a cell phone now can use gold in a way that was not possible before.
This is another big reason why I think gold is coming back as money.