Welcome to this weekís Market Wrap Podcast, Iím Mike Gleason.

Coming up we have an incredible interview with business icon and two-time presidential candidate Steve Forbes, CEO of Forbes. Mr. Forbes unloads on the Fed and its horrific track record -- with accuracy thatís worse than a bunch of monkeys throwing darts at a dart board he says. He discusses Donald Trumpís chances at reelection and lays out the case why you simply must have at least some gold in your portfolio. So be sure to stick around for a Money Metals exclusive interview with Steve Forbes, coming up after this weekís market update.

After selling off earlier this week, gold and silver markets are now moving back up near important levels for traders. Gold is once again testing $1,350 with silver hovers around the $15.00 an ounce level.

For the week gold prices are now up a slight 0.5% to trade at $1,349 per ounce. Silver comes in at $14.95 as of this Friday morning, down 0.8% from where it closed last Friday.

The big mover in metals markets this week: palladium. Prices for the automotive metal have surged $91 so far this week or 6.6% to now trade at $1,461 per ounce. Palladium is vastly outperforming platinum, which is flat for the week and currently comes in at $808 an ounce.

Bullish metals analysts say these markets stand to benefit from rising geopolitical risk and a more dovish monetary policy from the Federal Reserve.

On the geopolitical front, tensions with Iran escalated on Thursday after an oil tanker in the Gulf of Oman was hit with explosives. The U.S. State Department immediately blamed Iran for the attack. But U.S. foreign policy critics such as former Congressman Ron Paul suggested it could have been a false flag akin to a Gulf of Tonkin incident.

Regardless, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and National Security Advisor John Bolton are clearly itching to go after Iran. Their regime change effort in Venezuela, in which the U.S. prematurely declared the country had a new president, appears to have failed. Nicolas Maduro remains in power while the Venezuelan people continue to suffer sanctions, socialism, and hyperinflation