We can face reality by swallowing the “red pill” (from the movie “The Matrix). This choice is uncomfortable because it opposes the propaganda from mainstream media, government statisticians, and Wall Street cheerleaders.

The “red pill” road is difficult and sometimes lonely. Gold is a “red pill” choice.

The “blue pill” path is easier and reassuring. Other “blue pill” advocates will applaud your choices. The herd approves this delusional path. Think debt-based fiat currencies.

The “blue pill” is best swallowed with a healthy slug of whisky, anti-depressant drugs, a few hits from now-legal “weed,” and platitudes from the evening news.

•U.S. government debt: Congress, in their wisdom, will approve appropriations larger than revenues, borrow the deficit, and accept “donations” from interested parties. It’s all good… except the U.S. government is in debt over $22 trillion and has unfunded commitments for $100 – $200 trillion more. Their only plan for addressing massive debt is to increase borrowing and hope.
•Even a few “blue pill” advocates understand this Ponzi scheme will end in tears.
•Interest Rates: Interest rates are near multi-generational lows. The annual debt service paid by insolvent governments and indebted “zombie” corporations is high, even though they enjoy abnormally low rates. The “blue pill” advocates cling to the idea that interest rates will forever stay low or fall negative because they must, without destroying the currency. Another word for this belief is “CRAZY.”