I just learned about these undervalued nuggets of pure silver!

America the Beautiful Quarters 2019 Silver Proof Set

Yesterday I ordered 4 sets off Ebay at $18.62 each, free shipping.

This is a new format for the U.S. silver proof ATB quarters.
As of this year they are no longer 90% silver and 10% copper, but rather 99.9% silver!

In my opinion getting these 2019 silver coin sets for under $19 each is a real bargain,
and that missing little cardboard box and paper COA isn't worth the $13 to $18 dollars extra cost.

The amount of silver in each 2019 quarter is 6.343 grams, a fraction over a fifth of a troy ounce.
Each five quarter proof set totals 31.715 grams of fine silver bullion in government coins.

I'm hoping that once the word gets out about the newest sets purity and closeness in weight to a troy ounce, the sets will rise in demand.
Unfortunately it takes a bit more knowledge than the average man has, to identify these 2019 quarters as .999 silver.
Therefore however tempting it may be to handle these 1/5 ounce coins, I won't plan on removing these coins from their mint lenses.
If I really must handle them, there's this option

Proof Roll - 8 Coins From Each Park

At less than $4.25 per 1/5 ounce of government proof silver, that "roll" option is a very good deal.
Perhaps not as good as the deal that I just bought,
but IMO it's still a very good deal to get high quality government minted fractional silver COINS for $4 each.