Have you ever heard the phrase, “What a gold mine!”?

That common, age-old expression was actually a positive reference to having something very valuable. Notably, a gold mine that paid its owners very well by producing gold.

Yet in the last two decades (the span of my career), gold miners have been anything but responsible dividend payers to their owners – the shareholders.

It’s a theme I’ve been introducing to my readers over the last couple of months. And this topic is picking up major steam.

Investors (and capital) are starting to wake up.

While executives have made fortunes running the larger gold producers, the shareholders have been given the shaft (no pun intended)! Cash and stock compensation for executives continue to grow. Yet, dividends to shareholders for the most part have gone in the opposite direction.

It’s no wonder wealth funds like the Norwegian Sovereign Wealth Fund – with trillions under management – have been cutting weightings in the mining sector for a decade. Take a look