One of the reasons given for allocating a portion of one’s investment assets to the precious metals sector such as physical gold is that gold can be considered as an insurance policy against the devaluation of paper money. On my office wall I have framed various bank notes from an 'inflationary' period of time which include the following:
2,000,000 marks, Germany 1923
100,000,000 Pengos, Hungry 1946
5,000,000 Kwanza, Angola 1995
100,000,000,000,000 dollars, Zimbabwe 2008

These bank notes serve as a reminder that currencies can be devalued in dramatic fashion and eventually become worthless. In today's world we are reliant on a number of Fiat currencies of which some could suffer a similar fate

We know that Fiat currencies eventually return to their intrinsic value which is zero and therefore we take steps to diversify some of our wealth into other asset classes such as gold
The expectation in some quarters is that gold would rocket should such a catastrophe occur within our Fiat currency system.
So, the question we wrestle with is this:
Would gold really rocket or are there other solutions available should we encounter such a disaster, negating the need for gold?