There’s plenty of cheer being passed around for a Friday, and we can thank China for a chunk of that.

Thursday’s better-than-expected U.S. growth data from the world’s second biggest economy was reinforced by an upbeat manufacturing survey, cooling some concerns about a global economic collapse, at least for now. Also helping out was yet more optimism over a U.S.-China trade deal, after a Bloomberg report said an agreement could be signed in the next few weeks.

And while the week hasn’t been fantastic for equity investors, March is off to a bright start, which may keep the upward momentum on track.

Even so, some can’t help thinking everything may just be a little too awesome right now. Our call of the day from Slope of Hope’s Tim Knight, says investors should keep an eye on their fellow investors, who are apparently so bullish they could drive the second-best start for stocks since 1987 right off the road.

In a fresh blog post, Knight zooms in on “warning signs” from the latest weekly AAII Sentiment Survey, which gauges how many stock investors are bullish, bearish and neutral. “Bullishness is now up OVER the 40 level – which usually marks market reversals. Bearishness has collapsed,” he notes