I don't know how many have been listening to this program over the years, but I will start posting it to see if there is any interest.

It does cover all kinds of news and potentially world events as well with the usual Gold and Silver topics and predictions.

This was a 55 minute recording with two basic guest and third brief one at the end talking about a Wells Fargo problem.

It does contain a number of sales pitches by several different bullion dealers during the broadcast and an annoying overlaying static noise that seems to lead up to the next sales commercial.

The link for this is below and it contains information about this weeks guest and the different topics each will discuss at least in some detail under each of the guests name


If you prefer, you can either download this MP3 file to listen to later or listen to it now while doing other things.


If you go directly to the site and click on the arrow in the image, that will start a you tube version, not the mp3 version

If your on the GoldSeek page and decide you want to download the MP3 version or start the MP3 version, then scroll down just below the guest list where it says Please Listen Here.

There actually is a third version on You Tube channel that contains even more annoying commercials, I wouldn't recommend going directly there unless your a gluten for online ads.