Deepcaster’s Recent Letters and Alerts provide Forecasts re How Best to Profit and Protect in 2019 along with Buy Recommendations aimed at profiting from upcoming Mega-Moves.

But, since 2019 is likely to provide a Vastly Different Investing and Trading Landscape than any of the years 2009 through 2018, it is essential to always know and bear in mind the Mega-Forces Driving Key Markets in 2019.

We identify those here.

The Fundamental Reality of the Period 2009-2018 was that it began with ultra-low rates and related “Accommodations” (e.g., QE) by the Major Central Banks. And those only began to be reversed in the last couple of years.

These “accommodations” facilitated record Multi-Trillion Dollar levels of Indebtedness by Sovereign Nations, Businesses and Individuals.

And they especially fueled a years-long period of dramatic Asset Price Inflation, including Equities price Inflation, [and Asset Inflation which especially benefitted the Mega-Bank owners of The Private, For-Profit Fed (i.e., the Leaders of the Deep State’s Cartel) and the other Owners of Capital] — so much Debt indeed that much of it can never be repaid without a substantial debasing of the Purchasing Power of the currencies in which the Debt is Denominated.

But in recent Months, The Fed has attempted to Deflate the Bubble it created by raising Rates and Removing liquidity from the Markets by reducing its Balance Sheet.

But, given the Vulnerabilities around the World — Weak Italian and Greek Banks, Brexit Struggles, Trade Tensions with China, and an intensifying of China’s Debt and Declining GDP woes, the vulnerabilities are greater than ever. As well, Massive Waves of economically Dependent Immigrants — many of whom refuse to assimilate — flood Europe and the U.S.A. (cf the $330 Billion Annual NET [i.e., after subtracting taxes Immigrants pay] Cost of Mass Legal Immigration to American Taxpayers see Net Costs of Legal Immigration Study — see Given all the foregoing, even a few months of tightening proved too much for Economies and Markets around the World. Especially given the Record Leverage around the World, The Fed and other Key Central Banks started to “lighten up.”