For the year 2018, the US Mint shipped 15,700,000 ASE's

This total is less than half of any year starting from back in 2010 going forward and a hair less than one third of the 2015 high of 47 million.

The true peak of this Silver cycle was actually the last half of 2014 and the first half of 2015. After that, the decline started in the last half of 2015 even though 2015 has the largest single amount for any one year January to January.

The dramatic decline in numbers shipped over the past three years seems to indicate a serious loss in confidence for Silver investing at the individual level.

2015 shipped 47.0 million
2016 shipped 37.7 million
2017 shipped 18.1 million
2018 shipped 15.7 million

Past dozen years of ASE shipments

2007 shipped 9.9 million ASE's Looked to be the end of an old investment cycle when new forms of Silver investing came on board with the start up of Silver ETF's.
2018 shipped 15.7 million ASE's
2017 shipped 18.1 million ASE's
2008 shipped 19.6 million ASE's The beginning of a major investment cycle. Even the financial crisis of 2008 couldn't stop this new cycle.
2009 shipped 28.8 million ASE's
2012 shipped 33.7 million ASE's
2010 shipped 34.7 million ASE's
2016 shipped 37.7 million ASE's
2011 shipped 39.9 million ASE's Silver ran into the $50 wall, but investors didn't stop buying even though the price started it's slide down hill.
2013 shipped 42.7 million ASE's
2014 shipped 44.0 million ASE's
2015 shipped 47.0 million ASE's Is this the beginning of the end for the current cycle as investors are backing off from here and what will it take to bring them back to the stores in a big way, $25, $30, $35 spot prices? With so many burned in the last up and down cycle, I can't imagine as many will be as quick to jump on the bandwagon again. There was a thirty year pause between the last two up cycles that pulled in the masses. It will be interesting to see, I just hope we don't have to wait another 22 years for the next run at that $50 wall, not counting for inflation.