UPDATED ON 1/07/2019

The following items listed are potentially on sale items. Some are long term sale prices for the most part, while others are quick hit and miss sales.
The premium price listed for 90% coins represents the amount over the spot price of Silver per ounce in your total purchase, not per Dollar face value. 90% Silver does not represent 90% of an ounce of Silver per Dollar face value, it only represent the total percentage of Silver content in these coins, while the actual content of silver is estimated to be .715 ounces of Silver per Dollar face value. So for example if someone was listing their 90% at $1 over spot, you would actually be paying 71.5 per Dollar face value ($1 x .715 = 71.5). You may often hear people talk about the face value being $14.50 or $17.00 per Dollar face value, but that is not how it is listed or sold in terms of the premium listed and paid. The logic is so you can always compare the price per ounce of Silver in all products you are buying. Apples and Apples not Apples and Oranges that you would be forced to calculate the difference yourself.
All posted premiums will represent the price over spot per ounce and is for an any quantity. When you see two prices, the first is the premium for a single product and the second is for a 500 count in almost all cases.
Items marked in Green usually represent a sale item, exceptional value or the lowest premium for this item between these dealers. By going to the individual link, you can see the full detail for each item and actual prices and premiums per product.

It's just my opinion but I would beware of investing in any additional Silver from (RMC) Republic Metal Corporation as they have shut down operations and trying to file for chapter 11 with massive debt of some $100M, with a claim for a significant inventory discrepancy found and it appears creditors are again on the hook for the loss except for those with a higher priority that seems to cover just about the amount of all their assets leaving everyone else naked once again. Not that buying RMC products are defective that anyone has claimed, just another product line going by the way of the Dodo bird in our history books. It could be that another corporation could buy them out and keep the operation alive, they are large and apparently rumor has it Valcambi was trying to buy it going into the bankruptcy filing.

APMEX - 9.95 shipping and free at $99.00

1 oz Eagle 2019 $3.79 - $2.59 - https://www.apmex.com/product/171421...rican-eagle-bu PRE SALE

1 oz Maple 2019 $2.89 - $1.89 - https://www.apmex.com/product/171434...-maple-leaf-bu

1 oz Philharmonic 2019 $2.99 - $1.99 https://www.apmex.com/product/171338...hilharmonic-bu

1 oz Krugerrand 2018 $2.99 - $1.99 - https://www.apmex.com/product/170332...-krugerrand-bu

1 oz Silver Round - 2018 Reindeer any qty 99 - https://www.apmex.com/product/177528...deer?6679966=5 a tad late for this past Christmas, but if you stash a few of these things each year.

90% $10 roll of quarters any qty 49 - https://www.apmex.com/product/16485/...roll?6679966=6

90% $50 face bag mixed any qty 49 -https://www.apmex.com/product/68839/...face-value-bag

SD Bullion - $7.77 shipping for all orders

1 oz Eagle 2019 $2.79 - $2.25 - https://sdbullion.com/2019-us-mint-a...ver-eagle-coin

1 oz Maple 2019 $2.39 - $1.75 - https://sdbullion.com/2019-canadian-...aple-leaf-coin

1 oz Krugerrand 2018 $2.29 - $1.79 - https://sdbullion.com/2018-south-afr...rand-coin-1-oz

1 oz Britannia mixed any qty $1.59 - https://sdbullion.com/1-oz-british-b...tes-our-choice Out of stock

10 oz SD Bullion Proclaim Liberty bar any qty 79 - https://sdbullion.com/10-oz-sd-bulli...rty-silver-bar OUT OF STOCK

90% $10 face mixed any qty 64 - https://sdbullion.com/90-percent-sil...lar-face-value

90% $100 Face Bag any qty 55 - https://sdbullion.com/90-percent-sil...face-value-bag

Golden State Mint shipping - only free after $500 order

1 oz Miners Go Deeper Silver Shield round $1.50 - https://www.goldenstatemint.com/1-oz...ver-Round.html NO C.O.A.

GAINESVILLE COINS Shipping charges vary USPS for small orders

1 oz Eagle 2019 $3.10 - $2.70 - https://www.gainesvillecoins.com/pro...ver-eagle-coin Pre order

1 oz Maple 2019 - $2.19 - $1.79 - https://www.gainesvillecoins.com/pro...ver-maple-leaf

1 oz Krugerrand 2018 $2.05 - $1.85 - https://www.gainesvillecoins.com/pro...ver-krugerrand

90% $5 roll of dimes any qty $1.09 - https://www.gainesvillecoins.com/pro...-in-face-value

90% $10 roll of quarters any qty $1.09 - https://www.gainesvillecoins.com/pro...-in-face-value