Editors note: I am not sure what to make of being called ďIrelandís Mr GoldĒ but I suppose you could be called worse. For me, my fellow founder Stephen and our excellent team, it has never been about gold itself, but rather it has been about the benefit that gold provides to our clients, their families, their companies and the wider society.

This benefit is not just in terms of hedging, financial insurance and owning a proven safe haven asset but also in terms of the peace of mind that gold provides those who hold it in the safest ways possible.

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Our mission statement since 2003 has been ĎTo protect and grow our clientís wealth with the provision of physical gold in the safest ways possible.í With 16,000 clients in 140 countries, many of whom store gold with us in some of the safest vaults in the world, I am happy that we have achieved that.

Simply put, physical gold is about financial freedom and financial security in an uncertain world.

In the volatile world of today, gold has never been more important. Investors and pension owners who re-balance portfolios in the coming days and weeks will be handsomely rewarded in 2019 and in the coming years. They will sleep better at night too and not be worried about the latest Brexit shenanigans or Trump tweet!

Bill Tyson via MSN Money:

Mark OíByrne is Irelandís Mr Gold. The founder of GoldCore has just launched a gold storage facility in Dublin, where he says we should all stock up on gold bars to help survive a looming economic meltdown.

Not everyone is listening but heís not surprised Ė they didnít the last time either.

Why buy gold?

The wise old Wall Street adage was that one should have 10% of oneís wealth in physical gold and hope that it does not work.

The implication is that if gold rises sharply in price, it usually means that stocks, bonds, property, and indeed oneís business may be losing value.

This was seen in the last crisis and has been seen throughout history.

Are we really heading for economic meltdown?