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Thread: cardboard vs. silver

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    Quote Originally Posted by silverheartbone View Post
    Where are the other forum members? Responding to a troll is sad.
    Sherlock you are truly the "dumb as a rock" party here.
    If you look at my post above I linked to some BU rounds that I ordered in October and just received.
    I even stated that I want to procure some BU SS Crypto Silver when released.

    I haven't bought any generic silver in months. I have bought ASEs this month. Why are you so special?

    Obviously reading and comprehension are separate processes in your special brain.

    Obviously you are delusional at best if you think that know what I've seen better than I know what I've seen.


    Don't worry about that.
    Yesterday I changed my mind and decided not to swap for AGEs.

    I'm also going to round that November 30th SGR peak of 86.59 all the way up to 87,
    mainly because I don't want to deal with clipping any Eagle.

    So I'll be seeding my long term capital expansion project with a total of 87 American Silver Eagles,
    instead of the equivalent solitary gold coin.

    I've also changed the destination capital,
    and now I do not intend to trade my .999 pure American Silver Eagles for 22K American Gold Eagles,
    rather I hope to be directly swapping my U.S. fine silver bullion into 24K fine gold bullion Buffalo U.S. coin��.

    Is that a warning shot that you are about to go off your meds again with that plea for other members to come and back you, as in your multiple personalities. Please do, they are a hoot as well and covered in many of the chapters as well
    Damn this is perfect timing to do another flip flop on your long term plans. No I don't think I'll buy this type of Gold coin anymore, I think I'll buy these other Gold coins instead as if that is a definite game plan for you. Right on time as I have written about Silverheartbone and the comedic novel about him. That's right folks just check out chapter 182 and all the crazy things listed in that one and you will find back on November 21st where the ever changing ever crazy mixed up mind of this character decided he might very well never swap Silver for Gold as the other White metals may very well be a better trade in the future for his Silver. So he was going to continue to follow both Platinum and Palladium as well as Gold into the future and he listed all three metals versus their current ratio against Silver. I'm telling you folks, there are 182 chapters filled with this insanity and it covers over twelve years. I don't read his post to screen them, I do it for a heads up on what going to be listed in the next chapter, it just lights up my day half the time. Flip flop, flip flop, I don't know what your talking about, I dont remember anything like that, I never saw anything sell for those prices. I, I, I. Don't worry about it bone, I've got your back. If I can't remember myself, I'll find it in your book. I have it in hardback and I log into the online version for the digital updates.

    Of course you do not have to go very far to check out this one as the Bone has recommended people not buy Silver rounds or Bars but government rounds and coins while at the same time buying generic Silver rounds himself and complaining about not being able to find any generic buffalo rounds to buy made by SilverTowne and wanting to purcharse more of those expensive 1 gram Silver rounds he bought instead of the 90% dimes he has advocated for years at a far cheaper price. However he has indicated his desire to purchase more of those 35% nickels which happen to be selling at one cent over spot at APMEX and the buy back price as anyone might expect is a killing $5.12 under the spot price, which is more than likely worse than buying 40% halves. But hey, It's not my money, I'm only observing the bouncing ball and finding all this very humorous and to be found in chapter 183 I'm sure!!!
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    I'm a proud member of Eggshellman's Liar, Shill, and bully club and a new member of the Super Jew Defense League!!!

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