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Thread: Random news from the physical market

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    Unhappy Most people don't seem to be able to connect ethics with legality.

    Quote Originally Posted by goldsilber View Post
    Iran Hangs Gold Coin ‘Sultan’ in Crackdown After U.S. Sanctions

    Vahid Mazloumin was sentenced to death in October after being accused by Iranian authorities of contributing to price hikes by hoarding gold. His assistant, Mohammad Esmail Qassemi, was also hanged early Wednesday, state-run Iranian Students News Agency said.

    Mazloumin didn’t hold a permit to trade gold and foreign currency, yet had formed the largest illegal network in that area, according to state-run Fars news agency. He instructed his team to corner the gold coin market to resell at higher prices, amassing about 2 tons of them, local media said.

    You see, SilverHB, there are places where those manipulating the gold price get hanged up
    That is disgusting.
    Vahid Mazloumin did nothing morally wrong, unless capitalism itself is wrong.
    That form of manipulation is what every stacker actually wants to transpire as a result of our separate activity all combined.
    Illegal manipulation is the type of activity that that low level trader pawn of the JPM Chase central bank was recently found guilty for spoofing the markets.
    He should have had the required permit, but that should not be a capital offense.
    In my opinion there is much low life scummery in most of those middle eastern cuntries, and we should stay far away from ALL of them..

    Here you can listen to Rob Kirby talk about the current state of the silver market

    Rob Kirby - Massive Amounts of Dollars Must Be Fed into System or It Blows Up
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