It seems that the majority of government coins designs minted on this planet are haggage.
I admit to doing the unthinkable last summer, succumbing to the beast by purchasing two coins of the Empire.
I hope that it isn't a major sin. $18.46 x2

I liked the way the reverse looks, they did not cost too much, and Liz isn't as hideous as the other current releases.
I'd seen it on a YouTube "cartoon", and what looks to be laser etching fascinated me, so I pulled the trigger.

2018 Saint Helena 1 oz Silver 1 Spade Guinea Shield BU

About to make an order, I wanted to include a third Spade Guinea as recently I've been acquiring coins in threes, and I was surprised to see them all gone.
I checked APMEX and the same story.

Oh well, I see them on Ebay, and I'm sure they will be authentic.
It will be a long time before anyone can accurately counterfeit this coin,
but I'm not going to pay that much for common haggage.

Being a commoner, I went for the appropriate issue, but some of you will likely aspire to and deserve better haggage.

As a service to the * I present the
Extremely Rare Saint(St.) Helena - "Rose Crown" Guinea, 2018,1.25 oz SILVER Coin

My favorite haggage of all is the currently available Royal Highness silver round,
a clever spoof of the Canadian Maple Leaf.
I hope holding these will cancel any bad mojo from those Spade Guineas.