Back in the early eighties when I bought my first silver,
not knowing a thing I was reluctantly directed by my bank, Detroit Bank & Trust,
towards Englehard bars.
I finally sold them five or six years ago when I needed funds,
and got no extra premium just spot,
despite their being in pristine still in the vinyl condition.
Reconsidering, it seems that getting spot was better than I would have gotten at the LCS for other brand bars like J-M.

Back then, seeking variety I was into the commemoratives,
and my favorite was the 1987 4 coin U.S. Constitution commemorative set.
Most government's regular bullion coins were conservatively designed and did not vary much.
Chinese pandas, the exception, were just starting out, a quaint curiosity, and not yet on my radar.

Fast forward to today, where there are many more varieties of coins to select from,

Here are a few of them that have caught my attention.

The first two of the Rwanda Lunar Coin series are outstanding works of art.

2017 Rwanda 1 oz Silver Lunar Year of the Rooster BU

2018 Rwanda 1 oz Silver Lunar Year of the Dog BU

It's too bad that the next one in the series looks so stupid in comparison.
Oh well, as a set collector I'll have to take the bad with the good,

Last year the first time that I saw the Liberty medal I knew that I wanted one.
Yikes! I just saw the new price. Last year it was only 60 or 70 Federal Reserve notes.

2017-P American Liberty Silver Medal Proof (w/Box & COA)

If I ever buy some gold, that design is high on my list.

This next one seems the prettiest of the bird ATBs, but the Georgia coin being released in a couple of weeks is close.

2015 5 oz ATB Bombay Hook Silver Coin (BU)