No hurry to jump on this either as they are advertising this until the end of September. Will the spot price continue to drop or rise?

This offer is only available on this page only, if you try to order them from their regular page selling 2018 Phils you will not receive the discount, however it does mention the sale on the regular page for you to link to as of 9/1/18.

This is probably the best deal you can ever find for a government round as one of the three most common governments being sold today as a new product.

Second hand government products can be found for less at times, especially from Gainesville, but no telling what condition they are in.

I like the Looks of the Philharmonic coin, but I'm personally not a fan even though I use it as an Avatar.

I own a whole dozen of them and a single 1/2 ounce gold philharmonic that my wife wears as a necklace, I should say she is the owner now!!

I was never really a fan because they come with a smooth edge verses how all of ours come.

A couple months ago I visited one of my safe deposit boxes containing some of my original rounds purchased from NWTM back in the 1990's and they look perfect except some are now starting to show a little bit of tarnish in the edging which might not show up on these smooth edge coin or maybe more, but they would have to be easier to clean if an when you get ready to sell sometime 20 or 40 years from now.

Just something to consider if you've never actually seen a Philharmonic round. Some dealers will only show you a full face view without showing the edge view at all which is because they are disappointing to some of investors after they receive them. That doesn't diminish it's value, it just makes them less than desirable to some investors.

Everyone has their own taste and to be honest if I was in the buying mood right now after seeing what's in store for all my US Made products, I'd be very inclined to jump on these at this price as they are considered a premium government round and not much more than I could buy a comparable quality generic round. In other words, I've had an eye opening visualization of why a rounded edge product might very well be a better product for the long haul. However that might be a very optimistic outlook for the future in my case, looking 20 to 40 years in the future that is.