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Putting SILVER on a BLOCKCHAIN with Lode
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Thread: Putting SILVER on a BLOCKCHAIN with Lode

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    Default Putting SILVER on a BLOCKCHAIN with Lode

    The emergence of blockchain technology inspires us to imagine a future where physical weights and measures of pure silver are restored to the global economic system as a superior and sound form of money. This transformation requires a supply of silver that is transparent and verifiable to all stakeholders at all times, and that certain rights and claims upon the silver are represented by encrypted “tokens” that are controlled uniquely and individually upon a public and secure distributed ledger. In this video Dan Dicks of Press For Truth speaks with David Morgan of The Morgan Report and Steven Merrill of Lode to talk about silver’s new found potential in the blockchain age.

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    Here it is folks, the Lode Coin, precursor to the AGX Coin at: https://lode.one/

    It think the name alone should be enough to say "WAKE UP AND SMELL THE COFFEE", this is another LOAD and your about to be separated from more of your money.

    If Tulving, Bullion Direct and NWTM plus numerous other less famous dealers hasn't been enough to scare the hell out of you by now, your a newbie and need to read all about the thieves working for "us".

    Trust no one and store your own precious metal at home, in a safe deposit box or with a national Bullion depository yourself and not through any dealer.

    And for gods sake don't buy into the this crap about chain block being safe and full proof.

    Well it is until you forget your password or someone steals your password or someone else figures out how to steal your stash of nothing in "nothing nothing land" of oops and missed opportunities.

    When was the last time your heavy duty safe that you forgot the combination to said "forget it" it's mine now and that's it Charlie?

    Screw that crap I'm getting out the burner and we'll see about that or you used your head and called a safe company to open for less cost and damage so you could use that miserable pri˘k again?

    Let me say I did buy a lot of Silver back in the 90's and put it in an IRA trust account and it was still there until it was withdrawn in 2010.

    However it was done the old fashioned way using one of the two national IRA trust accounts back then and not through any dealer who supposedly took your money, sold you the metal and stored your metal in a safe IRA account like Bullion Direct and so many other thieving Bastards out there that haven't been caught yet.

    Yes I hope most of it is safe but I'm sure many tens of millions of dollars in stored IRA metal is just waiting for the dealer to go belly up to reveal the damages one more time.

    The only "potential" way of storing your metal in an IRA account is to open one with a national trust account who stores your metal with a major bullion depository that will provide you with periodic account details of your metal so you know it's still there and I'm not talking about the IRA trust account proving you with that metal tally but the bullion depository themselves so you know they really have it.

    The way it works is you open your account with them and send a check, make an agreement with any dealer that is willing to deal with IRA purchases because a lot of small dealers do not as they have to send metal up front and wait for the payment from the trust account holder.

    You make a deal with your dealer for the amount of metal and the agreed to price and that information is sent to the Trust Account who then request the dealer to ship that metal at that agreed to price to which ever Bullion depository they use.

    Once the metal has arrived at the depository and is verified to be real and the correct metal and quantity, it will be stored per the agreement for that depository and the information will be sent back to the Trust Account.

    The trust account will then release the agreed amount to your bullion dealer.

    This is a multi-part arrangement where the dealer can't stiff you and the national Trust account only holds your funds until the metal is has arrived at a National Bullion storage facility.

    This does cost more for this process as the National trust account holder is the record keeper for your account and they do handle your funds in both directions if you should chose to sell some of it, I didn't and had it shipped directly from the bullion depository to my house clearing out my account with everyone. However they do have minimal fees for their services and there are storage fees at these bullion depositories and that depends more on which one you use and the type of storage they provide which is understandable.

    I chose the less expensive to receive the same kind of product as they received but not the same exact product. As in I sent them 100 ounce Engelhard bars and 10 ounce Engelhard bars and that's exactly the brand I received and in the same quantities that was sent to them.

    The more expensive option is to have your items isolated in a separate storage bin which obviously takes up far more storage space and time for them to isolate your metal like that.

    If I had been sending full monster boxes of new ASE's and other new products, I would have opted for the higher priced storage to insure I didn't get taken when older used items of the same kind were returned.

    There was no such thing as a new Engelhard bar that I ever saw even back in the late 90's and with all the 100 ounce bars I bought and stored myself I never saw a single JM bar old or new, but at around 20˘ - 25˘ per ounce in volume versus the cost of one ounce rounds, those bars were a steal.

    Storing your metal in any form other than in your own sock drawer is going to cost something unless you are storing a small amount of metal like gold in a free safe deposit box which many banks offer for different reasons, especially to us fossils.

    I have not really feared owning shares in SLV and have for many years, it also costs a tiny fraction of the value of your shares but that's absorbed by everyone and not you directly so my share value hasn't dropped all the much over the past 10 years compared to where it was at in relation to the spot price.

    Dealers have pitched a fit about owing shares of SLV as a real threat against your stash and they have not gone belly up while at the same time numerous dealers have gone belly up taking tens of million of our money with them and almost never a word mentioned about this from the other dealers, only the forums like this covering what has gone on.

    Of course the dealer makes their money selling Silver at far higher premiums than what is charged for shares of SLV and the sell back rate is just as low making SLV share buying and selling almost negligible cost wise in relationship to the margins charged in buying and selling physical bullion.

    Now I'm not a huge fan of betting on any market that does not involve my holding the Silver myself, but SLV is suppose to be backed physical Silver, but to gamble your live saving on that is to gamble your life savings on that!!!

    That's almost as bad as gambling your life saving on Silver alone and nothing else to fall back on. A house, pile of cash, some other metal, stocks, anything but all Silver.

    Of course if and when Silver runs to the moon we who hold a pile of Silver will be happy as hell and those that are up to the eyeballs in it and nothing else will be extremely delighted and saying, see I told you so.

    Just like so many that bought into Silver or Gold back in late 2010 or early 2011 and have had to sell for any number of reasons at a potentially huge loss, well someone told you so, it just isn't what they told you...

    I do not believe for one minute that the Lode coin is going to increase the value of your investment as some hysterical mythical nothing like BitCoin has and the farm is still out on this not to mention the huge losses so many late to the dinner table have found out so far. Yes La La land has made millionaires out of a lot of people betting on nothing, just like billions seem to have been lost watching nothing go down the drain so far.

    Be sure you understand what you are buying into with a Load coin as it's not really the investment up front but hoping it will expand into the AGX coin that everyone will be able to use for a small fee and those AGX coins will be worth grams of Silver and cost a fee to use in grams of Silver. I couldn't listen to all this hype as it's just that as far as I'm concerned, but to each his own. Listen and invest if you believe this is the new wave for Silver and a new type of crypto currency.

    From what I understand they hope to reach 1,000,000 grams of Silver in the startup phase of Load coin and listen carefully as to what this guy says about your investment and what you "will" get in return in the future if all goes well as in benefits without details, but your investment is not an investment but a "contribution" as he clearly stats and they want a minimum of 100 ounce on your part to become a invested member of Load coin.

    With a target of only 32K ounces of Silver, I'm betting most of that money is going to be used for anything other than your investment into Load Coin as in salaries and the rest.

    Plus guess where they are located, in the Cayman Islands with their vault (assuming they really have one) and the dealer you can buy Silver from to invest/contribute to the scheme.

    Does anyone really believe they are taking in Silver to start up this enterprise versus using that money to try and startup a project called AGX coins.

    You can ship real Silver versus buying from them, they will accept it in that form and then write down your investment/contribution accordingly.

    Good luck to any and all that chose to invest/contribute to this new Silver monetary scheme.
    I'm a proud member of Eggshellman's Liar, Shill, and bully club and a new member of the Super Jew Defense League!!!

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