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A Tinker Toy Mindset
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Thread: A Tinker Toy Mindset

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    Quote Originally Posted by Silverheartbone
    With that negative anti progress mindset, it must be difficult to accomplish anything.

    A 12 Volt 7 Amp 20 Hour battery can provide 84 Watts of power for 20 hours
    We can call this amount of available power in the charged battery 1.68 kWh.
    I'll need two of them to get to the 24 V DC, so there will be 3.36 kWh available from a fully charged set of two.

    Each set of LED panels if on for 24 hours daily, would consume 0.480 kWh.
    A set of two charged batteries could power a single set of panels for 3360/480 days. A week.
    A set of two charged batteries could power 4 panels for 3360/480/4 days. 42 hours.

    The only issue would be how many solar panels would be needed to charge each battery.
    Not too many for daily use, but for those times when the sun goes away for a week,
    and the batteries get depleted I'll need to sustain a higher charging rate.

    Vale, stick with what you know, addition and subtraction, and leave the details to the adults,
    because the multiplication and division is over your pointy little head

    Wrong, I'm not against anyone doing anything, but your going out into left field with blinders on thinking you know what your talking about and your leading others to go out there with you with this half baked erector set scheme that you of all people should know better, but obviously you don't.

    OK, from the pointy head gallery, here is the real facts of life that every electrical engineer should know, but obviously you do not which makes me wonder about the electrical engineering degree and common sense.

    That battery has an 84 watt rating, not your 1,680 watts...

    Yes i can add, subtract, multiply and divide. I can also read and comprehend things which seems to be something lacking in your skill set. You seem to be of the character that reads something and turns it into something else that suits your dream world.
    Like this battery from the future you think you can buy for under $20 that will provide power of untold levels.

    Here is the reality of your dream battery, it is a 12volt 7 AMPH 20 hour battery.

    It does not mean it will supply 84 watts of power for 20 hours as in your Erector Set dream.

    It is rated to provide 12 volts delivering a total of 84 watts over 20 hours if you care to use this battery for any extended period of time. That's only 4 continuous watts per hour.

    You can use it at a higher rate like one amp per hour delivering 12 watts, but that is exceeding it's designed purpose and will shorten the life cycle of the battery and also reduce the amount of power you can take out of the battery.

    A 20 hour battery is designed to produce 84 total watts if you only use .350 amps per hour, higher amperage draw lowers the amount of power available in total. The higher the amps the greater the loss.

    If nothing else, common sense should have told you there is no sucking the equivalent of 1,680 watts for one hour out of a battery that small over any time frame.

    As I said before trying to point you in the right direction. Look at a high AMP marine battery, it's designed to hold a large current load and can be drained over and over again without the damage done to a normal battery.

    And your going to need a boatload of those 10 watt solar panels if you hope to supply enough power to feed those grow lights. So stop dicking around with this tinker toy attitude, it's flawed and will leave you wondering what happened!!!

    Spend the money and buy real solar panels capable of capturing far more watts per Dollar than those 10 watt specials good for a radio and charging things. Sure you can put out enough of them to equal what a higher powered panel can produce but not for less money and those better panels are more suited to capture more power in an overcast day which is always important.

    Even though I only have 180 watts of solar panels myself, i do have 4 Marine batteries for backup support. I only need power from some source to fill them. Solar, city, wind or my water wheel from rain run off when there is a storm. It all runs through my yard in a controlled environment I built 25 Years ago. They say sh!t rolls downhill, well so does rain water and I live at the bottom of that hill. Fortunately the other stuff is captured in our sewer lines.

    Ohms law hasn't changed, just the pin heads that try to make something out of nothing. Now go back and figure out where you went wrong from the pointy head crowd.....

    PS I did attend R.E.T.S. Electronic technical school for their one year program back in the early 1970's which I thought was a tad deficient, but compared to your Electrical Engineering Degree skills, it apparently wasn't so bad after all...
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