Before I write anything on silver, I must admit that I have been a silver bull ever since I started analyzing silver. I continue to be a very long term silver bull. I am unfazed by silver’s bearish trend over the past few years. I personally invest only in physical silver. I like to trade in physical silver. I am against investing in a silver ETF or any metals ETF. I must thank my friends in Kucha Mahajani Delhi (the gold and silver market in the heart of delhi) for forcing me to analyze silver before MCX opened in India. I started analyzing gold only after MCX opened in India.

On Friday (15th June 201 silver had the biggest crash in the last eighteen months. Silver prices take a long time to recover whenever prices have crashed. This has been my experience in analyzing silver. Massive stop losses were triggered. Silver which was showing hopes to start a medium term bull rally, crashed when things were looking bright for silver bulls.

I have seen unlimited flash crashes in silver. I am never unfazed by silver crashes. This puts us to the question as to how to trade in silver? The few bad days (when prices move very sharply in one direction without any early hint.) can result in capital erosion.