Gold is down on the week, but Eric says the bigger issues still point toward stocking up on precious metals.

In this edition of the wrap-up, you’ll hear his thoughts on the latest news, including:

• Why the second-richest man in Egypt is buying gold

• What a weak jobs report means for you

• Where you can expect prices to go in the coming weeks

“I’m a bear on the economy. We have a jobs number today that’s classified as weak. We have soft data that’s weak. We have hard data that’s weak. Logic says Flyover America is having a tough time. So, those all would argue for lower rates. You have a Fed that, of course, could change their mind quickly if the market continues to weaken here. The only thing arguing for higher rates, of course, is just the sheer inability of the U.S. government to fund itself, because of the excessive demands from a cash perspective.”