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    Quote Originally Posted by silverheartbone View Post
    Another very encouraging sign for me...

    It seems that the kabbal can't really manipulate these physical prices as easily as they can the digital silver.

    Your such a foolish retard, no one gives a damn how much those dealers can suck out of you for your Silver trinkets, it's still one ounce of Silver in the world and the value of that ounce of Silver is still $16.09.

    That is all the people gambling on the Silver market care about, the physical spot price based on Billions of ounces world wide and it's potential availability.

    They don't care if your willing to pay five, ten or enough to be equal to $3,100 for a Silver trinket, that's your little part of the collectors world or at least you believe it is.

    So don't confuse real control with what they don't give a damn about and don't try to make it sound like they are losing control of whatever they are trying to keep their thumbs on for whatever reasons at that casino.

    Just between us and don't tell anyone else, it's not the bankers that are manipulating the price of your trinkets at the showrooms, the dealers are the ones bending you over every chance they get and the bankers have nothing to do with that screwing.

    Like for instance the simple 5 Silver nickels, Provident is willing to sell you a roll of them for only 18 over spot and buy them back at $4.07 under spot. APMEX doesn't list their buy back for these Silver nickels but will sell them at 1 over spot and Gainesville doesn't have any to sell so there is no comparison as to what they will sell them for, however they do list a buy price at $6.88 under.

    Now who's manipulating who in our world where we buy this stuff and it's not the Bankers, they only have some say in the spot price, the dealers control everything else. Like charging premiums of $5 to $10 over spot for an ASE any chance they can gouge the unsuspecting buyers that really don't realize the fleecing they are about to get and it's almost always the newbies that are hearing about this wonderful news of a shortage of ASE's and the chance of a life time to jump on that bandwagon and score a huge profit themselves.

    But go ahead and convince everyone that the dealers are our friends and they would never take advantage of anyone like selling a couple dollars worth of 90% barely worth the value of the Silver content for a huge markup because it's in a 10 black velvet bag and said to be a keepsake item to be cherished forever. Keepsake, cherished, Blah, Blah, Blah, just more BS from some unscrupulous a$$ trying to make something out of nothing who has no conscious. Reminds me of the long line of health food experts that all "knew" the secret to a long and healthy life and so many of them died well below the average life expectancy. Just more empty promises trying to sell a book and the market is full of those charlatans just like so many SilverSellers promising unrealistic things that die on the vine prematurely also. Plus it's not limited to health food promises for a healthy and longer life, it's Silver in a Jug, black stones from a magical part of Russia, anything shaped like a pyramid and on and on and on. And it will always be this way as long as there are gullible people by the millions waiting for the next "real" true best selling health book scheme to come along. A to Z and everything in between like pig-in-a-blanket miracle mix to pebbles from space, they are waiting at Barnes and Noble and Amazon.com...

    Not to mention those dealers that stole tens of millions of stackers money while hardly paying any penalty at all for the grand theft each one has played a part so far.

    Hell I'll sign up for 26 months in a federal prison for a $17 million dollar check as long as it's not stolen money, even at this late stage in my life. Family history say's I'm good for another ten years at a minimum.

    Just as long as no one else can get their hands on it while I'm in there.
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