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Thread: Silver to Gold Ratio - Gary Christenson

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    Quote Originally Posted by silverheartbone View Post
    [SIZE=4]Could it be that just perhaps IDGAF what you believe?

    Naah, it couldn't be that, could it?
    Or could it very well be that YDGAF but you can't very well admit your a fraud in front of everyone after pounding your chest so hard.

    Poor baby, being a fraud is hard to keep up with the lies and deceit isn't it?

    I wonder what your Imam would think about your attitude on this web site.

    Whoops, never mind that question, what you do is part of your over all training!!!
    I'm a proud member of Eggshellman's Liar, Shill, and bully club and a new member of the Super Jew Defense League!!!

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    Question Econ 218

    Quote Originally Posted by silverheartbone View Post
    During this, the end game, with the price manipulated so low,
    ( I won't pass up Eagles under $19, and will forgo my stacking generics intended for ratio trading, and instead get the superior American Silver Eagles.)
    Quote Originally Posted by silverheartbone View Post
    With the SGR now over 84˝,
    it seems that I should try to start my stash with 85 ounces of silver,
    rather than only 80 of the relatively low value silver ounces.
    Silver is READY after JPM Gets "Last Licks!!" (Bix Weir)

    From the report below it sort of looks like it just might be Silvertowne Buffaloes in the remainder of my ratio trading stack.

    At least I was able to order a tube of Eagles (AT THE RETAIL PRICE OF $17.11) on Monday before this happened.

    Surge In Silver Demand Leaves U.S. Mint With No Eagle Silver Bullion Coins

    (Kitco News) - The U.S. Mint has temporarily sold out of its 2018 American Eagle Silver Bullion Coins and is currently in the process of producing more.

    “This is to inform you that due to recent increased demand, the United States Mint has temporarily sold out of its inventories of 2018 American Eagle Silver Bullion Coins,” U.S. Mint said in a press release published on Thursday.

    The announcement comes amidst the strongest silver sales from the U.S. Mint since the start of last year. In August, the U.S. Mint sold 1.53 million one-ounce American Eagle Silver coins, up 72% from the previous month.

    In contrast, sales of American Eagle Gold coins fell to a four-month low in August, mirroring a decrease in sales from the same period last year.

    While silver coins have done much better than gold coins, physical silver continues to lag in price performance. The gold-silver ratio has expanded to 84.75, while silver has fallen to two-year lows.

    Peter Hug, director of Global Trading at Kitco, said that the wholesalers responded by raising premiums by as much as 25%.

    “We think that the increase is temporary and may mitigate in about two weeks. We mention it for the investors that have grown weary of the silver market. For those that have thrown in the towel and want to exit their silver positions, the upside is that bid premiums have also gone higher,” he said in a commentary Thursday.

    By David Lin

    Economics 2018: Higher demand equals lower prices.

    Even if the spot price were to be lowered again, the retail prices won't fall
    and from my experience this week they actually increased for the end buyer.

    Obviously most mining companies won't dig for silver at a loss.
    In a real free market situation, any commodity which sells for less than production costs
    would cause the overall production to drop as mines ceased their operations.

    The current spot bid price is less then the production costs for most primary silver miners.
    However, the silver produced as a byproduct of other mining activity will continue to be delivered.

    If the price goes any lower, then more mines will stop producing and the supply will be reduced further.
    Because the industrial demand is inelastic, the current increase in monetary demand will reduce the supply.

    Economics 2018: Reduced supply equals lower prices.

    My intuition is telling me that something big and weird is about to happen during the next six weeks.

    People are saying that the "deep state" is panicking and
    some major crap is about to go down to take our minds off of the unstable state of the nation,
    and to get us to focus on the emergency,
    because the NFL isn't going to be enough this year.

    When the thundering herd wakes up and decides it's probably a good time to buy silver,
    I hope that the dealers will be able to handle the surge and that they won't raise their premiums by too much.

    If any of you have the excess funds sitting in the Federal Reserve casket
    and have ignored the many analysts warning you of the danger,
    I'm thinking that the banksters will be thanking you.

    Good Luck.
    "I foresee little future in 'the price of silver', I see a huge future for 'the price in silver'." - heartbone
    "The truth is called hate by those who hate the truth." - K

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