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50 Shades of Silver: How to Diversify Your Holdings, Juice Your Returns, and More
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Thread: 50 Shades of Silver: How to Diversify Your Holdings, Juice Your Returns, and More

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    Default 50 Shades of Silver: How to Diversify Your Holdings, Juice Your Returns, and More

    This amounts to one very long sales pitch not unlike what so many other dealers are doing with dishonest information regarding what you can and can not store in an IRA account, which happens to relate to what the individual dealer likes to push or carries versus what the actual IRS rules are concerning IRA accounts.

    IRA rules concerning what Silver items can be stored in an IRA account is very short and simple, any Silver product marked .999 or higher in purity can be included in an IRA account. Products such as US or any other nations coinage that is less than .999 pure "can not" be included in an IRA account which includes all US coins except US Bullion Coins like the American Silver Eagle and Canadian Maple because they are .999 fine or better. He states that the Panda can not be stored in an IRA because it's only 30 grams in stead of a full ounce which is as wrong as two left shoes. If anyone does not believe this just look at APMEX or SD Bullion. There are no restrictions on the size of a bar or round that can be stored, which runs from fractional Silver rounds and bars up to 1,000 ounce bars. However that's not to say an individual storage custodian might not allow fractional Silver products. Some custodians store all products in one huge pile of like items and therefore might want to limit the number of piles, while other custodians will segregate your actual items stored so you get what you sent it. I personally stored a number of 100 ounce Engelhard and 40 10 ounce Engelhard bars in my IRA account and when I closed it, they returned all Engelhard bars but they truly ran the gamut of possible sizes that Engelhard had produced over the years for 100 ounce bars and the 10 ounce bars where different shapes and very old. But you get what you pay for in your storage contract if it makes a difference to you.

    His information is useful for someone that might need some insight as to what they might want to store, but it's also misleading in some ways other than the IRA information, as in needing to buy 300 of one certain low cost RMC round for $1.19 over spot if you "really" want one versus 39 at some other dealers for any quantity.

    I'm a huge fan of some kind of diversification so all your eggs are not in the same basket, but this dealers version is to diversify in different forms and styles of Silver products in the same basket that he sells and not even different forms of Silver that are available such as venturing into the ETF market or futures market for large bars that he doesn't. Not that I'm recommending an ETF for diversification but it's better than nothing but even that is not much diversification to protect ones self. No matter what anyone says, you can't always sell your Silver when you want or need to no matter what kind you have in physical, even ASE's. When the market is running hot and heavy with huge swings, not many dealers are willing to touch buying anything for fear of getting seriously burned, especially at your local coin shop. However that is not the case on the ETF's where trading doesn't stop for anyone and the gamblers are always out there. Right, wrong, it is an option and you can always sell your products when the time is at hand and yes I do have my fingers in the SLV market, but only up to the first knuckle.

    If you already know everything I just wrote than there is probably nothing new in this article for you, if you didn't then keep it in mind as you get some education from a dealers perspective.

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