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Thread: 2018 ASE sales from the US Mint

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    As Of Wednesday November 7th, the US Mint has shipped 405,000 ASE's for the month of November and 13,970,000 YTD.

    They also made an adjustment to last months total shipped of an additional 25,000, making it 1,430,000 and 13,565,000 YTD.

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    For the month of October, the US Mint shipped 1,405,000 ASE's and 13,540,000 YTD.

    They can still catch last years numbers, but it's going to take a fairly good showing for November and December to make up the 4,525,500 difference,
    especially with December typically being a slower month as buyers are waiting for the new year product to arrive.

    2017 shipped 18.1 million ASE's
    2008 shipped 19.6 million ASE's
    2009 shipped 28.8 million ASE's
    2012 shipped 33.7 million ASE's
    2010 shipped 34.7 million ASE's
    2016 shipped 37.7 million ASE's
    2011 shipped 39.9 million ASE's
    2013 shipped 42.7 million ASE's
    2014 shipped 44.0 million ASE's
    2015 shipped 47.0 million ASE's
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