Stewart Thomson | Tuesday, December 26th

Graceland Updates

1. While many gold market technicians have been neutral to slightly negative about gold in the short term, Iíve been extremely positive.

2. As of today, Iíve become outrageously more positive. To understand why that is, please click here now. Double click to enlarge this spectacular daily gold chart.

3. Iíll dare to suggest that gold investors have behaved very well this year.

4. As a result of that behaviour, Santa has put a beautiful bull wedge breakout into everybodyís Christmas stocking!

5. The near-immediate price target is $1310, but $1360 should also be hit during what looks to be a very positive Chinese New Year season.

6. Do the festivities extend to gold stocks as well?

7. Absolutely! Please click here now. Double click to enlarge this GDX chart.

8. GDX is sporting a great looking inverse head and shoulders bottom, and the rally from the head of the pattern has a bull pennant formation breakout in it.

9. This is quite exciting. For gold stock investors around the world, it is really ushering in the new year in a great way.

10. Iíve suggested that the $25 - $26 target zone is likely to turn out to be little more than a pitstop on the road to the $35 area.

11. Iíve argued that the biggest bubble of all time is the bubble of government fiat money, and that bubble has started to burst. The initial bursting of the bubble has seen all global fiat collapse against blockchain currencies like bitcoin.

12. Thatís a lot like how the stock market crashes when it becomes a bubble. The initial collapse happens in the most speculative stocks. From there, the collapse spreads to the big Dow Jones Industrial Average component stocks.

13. In the case of the fiat bubble, Iíve predicted that the collapse of fiat against bitcoin is only the very beginning of a horrific collapse that will ultimately see fiat fall hard against gold, silver, and mining stocks.

14. Please click here now. Double-click to enlarge this exciting bitcoin chart. Technically, the double bottom pattern is arguably the most difficult one for investors to handle emotionally.

15. A great double bottom appears to be in play now on this short term bitcoin chart. Note the immense panic volume on the first low, and the much lighter volume on the second one.

16. Thatís classic technical action. Thereís also a potential flag-like pattern in play, which is quite positive. A breakout above $15,000 is likely, and it would serve as a lead indicator for an imminent and powerful rally in the precious metal markets.

17. The bottom line: gold investors donít need to be invested in bitcoin, but itís important to follow the price action as a lead indicator for the spread of the global fiat wildfire.