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Flash Sale until 8PM EST 11/24
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Thread: Flash Sale until 8PM EST 11/24

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    Default Flash Sale until 8PM EST 11/24

    The flash sale only applies to BD Bullion, while the others are questionable as to when they will be pulled.

    The following item is listed at APMEX

    90% $100 face bag of Mercury dimes 99 - https://www.apmex.com/product/10427/...face-value-bag

    The following items are listed at SD Bullion

    1 oz Buffalo reverse proof round any qty 32 - https://sdbullion.com/1-oz-republic-...-buffalo-round NO LONGER AVAILABLE

    1 oz Philharmoniker mixed dates any qty $1.29 - https://sdbullion.com/austrian-philh...n-random-dates NO LONGER AVAILABLE

    10 oz mixed bars any qty 29 - https://sdbullion.com/generic-10-oz-silver-bullion-bars NO LONGER AVAILABLE

    1 oz 2017 Maple any qty $1.79 - https://sdbullion.com/2017-canadian-...in-flex-sealed No time specified on this maple but suppose to end today or when supply runs out.

    Gainesville has a slew of items on sale this weekend which many seem to have limited quantities on them. 18 items remain as I write this message.

    Just scroll down through this page and you will find several silver items still available at low to no premium, including the very last item.

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