Steve St. Angelo | October 10, 2017 - 10:53pm

Precious metals investors need to understand the coming silver price surge will not occur due to the typical supply and demand forces. While Mainstream analysts continue to generate silver price forecasts based on supply and demand factors, they fail to include one of the most important key factors. Unfortunately, the top paid Wall Street analysts havenít figured it out that supply and demand forces donít impact the silver price all that much.

For example, I continue to read articles by analysts who suggest that industrial demand will impact the silver price in the future. They believe that rising industrial silver demand should push prices higher while lower demand does the opposite. However, according to my research, I donít see any real correlation. So, why should industrial demand impact the silver price in the future when it hasnít in the past?

If we look at the following chart, there doesnít seem to be a correlation between global industrial silver demand and the silver price: