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It's retard on top of retard.

Are you actually reading your own posts or not.

You have to reach $30 long before you can think about $45
Vale, you seem to dislike using question marks where appropriate,
and your thinking (thought process) is in general too limited for my comfort.
Your posts, not mine, bear the obvious sign of not being proofread,
or having been written by someone whose grammar skills are at the level of middle school.

Have you ever heard the phrase "gap up"?

Yes of course... I'd better spell it out for you.

This is a possible near future scenario...
The silver spot price was at $27 the previous day when your LCS closed for business.
By the next morning the spot price had popped to $57 on its way to $77 in a few hours.

That sort of action is possible, even likely, when the banksters get tripped-trapped.

Of course I went over our head when I referred to the $45.
That would indicate your loss per ounce in selling for $30 as you suggested when the spot was $75.