Andrew Hoffman | May 18, 2017 - 10:43am

In yesterday’s “unprecedented catastrophe,” I espoused that “when the powers that be’s’ unprecedentedly destructive acts – in the name of destroying the 99%, for the benefit of the 1% – inevitably, spectacularly fail; the world as we have known it will no longer be recognizable.”

Well guess what? As of today, America – and its rapidly diminishing global role – will never be the same; as quite obviously, the “Deep State” that even I have had trouble acknowledging has once and for all, destroyed it. And by “Deep State,” I don’t necessarily mean a handful of people controlling the world; but instead, the political, corporate, and financial “leaders” with the most power and wealth to lose from the introduction of an “outsider” – who quite obviously, be they “Democrat” or Republican,” will do anything to protect, no matter how many billions are destroyed in the process.

Starting with this week’s New York Times accusation that Donald Trump fed the Russians top secret information – apparently, based on little if any evidence; and culminating with Trump’s hubristic decision to fire James Comey – who in response, accused Trump of obstructing justice in the Michael Flynn “scandal”; the inevitability of Trump’s impeachment has been dramatically upgraded – perhaps, to imminent.

From the second the historically angry American populace suggested it would eschew Deep State candidates like Hillary Clinton and Jeb Bush, it became crystal clear that all imaginable actions, legal and illegal, would be taken to prevent Donald Trump from winning. And when, to their shock and chagrin, he won anyway, to succeed. And by “succeed,” I don’t mean merely rendering him ineffective – as I vehemently predicted two days after the election; but instead, to literally destroy him – by hounding, investigating, and lying about every imaginable issue; until finally, when his defenses were weakened by the policy failures their lack of cooperation ensured; not to mention, the accelerating economic crash he inherited; they’d “get him” on something, be it important or immaterial.