7 consecutive days down.
Isn't that a new record?
11 of the past 12 trading days down.
Isn't that a new record?

No fundamental or technical reason for the decline.
Just blatant criminal theft by immune from prosecution banksters.

Go and look at the Bollinger Band action for SLV.
In over twenty years of technical analysis of hundreds of stocks I've never seen any action like this unless the company is going out.

Silver was the day before yesterday at the lower (standard setting) Bollinger band and yesterday it ended below the expanding band!!!
That violates all known TA and indicated that something other than legitimate (and legal) market forces are operating.
It should not have gone lower yesterday without the federal market regulators being embarrassed into taking action.
Obviously they too, just like banksters, are cowardly criminals and don't actually earn their government pay.

The CFTC is a sham. The current email campaign is a waste of time.
Those sending communication to them are misdirected.
IMO, only when those regulator cowards are seriously threatened with fast moving projectiles, will they take any action to help the citizenry.
Until then, the globalist's whorprit operations are above our laws.