Andrew Hoffman | April 20, 2017 - 3:54pm

I have a LOT to say this morning – all if it, extremely important. But first, let’s start, mere hours before the third Miles Franklin Silver All-Star Panel Webinar – which will be posted at later today; with this article from one of our distinguished panelists, Steve St. Angelo of the SRS Rocco Report. In which, it details how Peruvian gold and silver production, in the year’s first two months, are down, unexpectedly, by 11% and 12%, respectively, from a year ago. Which is quite the big deal, as Peru is the world’s sixth largest gold producer – and second largest silver producer, right behind Mexico. Which, I might add, is expected by the Silver Institute, when its final figures are published, to have experienced a roughly 3% production decline in 2016 – with no expectations for 2017 as yet published (which I’m guessing, Steve, David Morgan, and Craig Hemke will have an idea about on today’s call).

What we predicted in the first two Silver All-Star Panels; the first in October 2014; and the second, in January 2016; is coming to fruition; i.e., the production of silver – unlike nearly all other commodities – is in terminal decline. In gold, even mainstream analysts are finally starting to get it – like Standard & Poor’s, as highlighted in December’s “most important, and gold bullish chart you’ll ever see.” However, in the more opaque silver market, information is far less available – given that not only is it a far smaller market than gold (and thus, not as “interesting” to Wall Street); but because roughly two-thirds of global silver production is the byproduct of gold, copper, and lead/zinc mines. Which is why today’s call will be so informative – as unquestionably, it features some of the world’s top analysts in the global silver industry.

Next up, let’s address the wars going on in unprecedentedly rigged financial markets – as the trapped rats I refer to as “the powers that be,” to use a Star Wars metaphor, are “concentrating all firepower” on supporting “desirable” markets like the “Dow Jones Propaganda Average”; and conversely, suppressing “systemic threats” like Precious Metals. To wit, the “200 week moving average war” I have for weeks spoken of – including last month, when it was clear said powers that be had taken it nuclear.

It’s been four years since the Cartel pushed gold and silver prices below those key technical levels; “coincidentally,” the day after the unprecedented “closed door meeting” between Obama and the top “too big to fail” bank CEOs on April 11th, 2013; which just happened to coincide with Goldman Sachs’ April 10th “short gold” recommendation; one day before the April 12th “alternative currencies destruction” paper raids were perpetrated.