Just hope Amazon doesn't substitute your grow lights from another company with something you really don't want and they are not shy about doing that at all.

Here is the same thing with the same description and power and according to our policy, this is what you get as a substitute.

The last four times I've ordered Diabetic test strips for my dog, I've ordered more expensive strips from a different vendor each time, but shipped from Amazon and they have shipped the same cheaper strips from a lower cost vendor with a tiny label on the box of the company I wanted.

I could order the cheaper strips myself, but don't really want them and Amazon doesn't really care. It's one of their many bait and switch methods used and dealers line up to go along with them with Amazon shipping the products from it's warehouse as if it's really coming from one of the many different dealers listed at different prices, but shipped from Amazon.

You have to wonder if these so called dealers that have products being shipped from an Amazon warehouse even exist at all or if Amazon is just putting a bunch of different vendor names out there with different prices to provide options and price ranges for the same product that they are really the only one shipping. cute