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More people would be on this board - if - Valerb - wasn't .
You might be right, I don't know. A lot of the truth that some of us used to post on the regular may have had a big part of discouraging masses of sheeple as well.
But VB does tend to dominate everything with bull$hit and lies which certainly can not help.

And there's the membership theft by the lowlifers at the gee ess cee forum.

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I always see the number of people looking at this forum around the clock and there has been no dramatic drop since the system attack a few years ago. That moved people away from logging in, but it hasn't stopped others from viewing the messages. I don't know what your problem is, are you being run off from other Silver sites, banned or attacked as being another kook.

There has been no change in member attitude when it comes to showing up. When it's dead for extended periods of time, members get on with other things in their lives and only come back when they have something to cheer about. I watched it over and over again year after year. The only difference this time has been the system problems that drove members away versus the spot price. The site owners were going to spend the money updating the entire software package, but it appears they have decided against that investment because of the decline in total traffic. Everything is cost based and they are not going to spend a small fortune in the hopes of a comeback. They have made it clear they will keep the site open as long as there is enough interest by the public. Maybe one day when precious metals resumes a run at $50, former members might return in groves along with new interest from the general public.

But if you are knowledgeable about several other Silver sites, check out the number of guests online around the clock and you'll see that some of these other popular sites are not so hot any longer and have very little activity during the off hours. It appears your not happy here or anywhere else or you wouldn't keep coming back to a forum your not happy with.
You just have to accept the fact that when you post conspiracy crap or controversial things, it's going to draw an opposing views and if someone agrees they might add something to it.

Of course in this case you your talking about those nuclear plants and their pollution of the Pacific Ocean and your dear friend added information about some mysterious force that has been destroying planets throughout our solar system plus our moon and has also targeted our planet and you think that is a reasonable response to your original message. Sorry dude but these forums don't function on the buddy system, even if you try a tag team approach as an attack method. People either agree or they don't and some just like to see a pissing contest I'm sure.

So post what you want and deal with any comments like everyone else or don't post at all.
It would have been a lot easier for you and more helpful for us, for you to just drop a few pieces of bread in your back yard and make a report than to type all the BS.