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FEDERAL WAY, WASH. – The owner of a large gold and silver mint based in Federal Way admits he owes money to 100 to 200 customers all over the country.

Ross Hansen, owner of Northwest Territorial Mint, says he has not delivered products or refunded money to those customers even when they demanded it.

Northwest Territorial Mint is one of the largest private gold and silver mints in the country.

One of those unhappy customers is Kelly Clifton, who runs a small ministry in Sultan.

Clifton ordered $6,000 worth of gold bullion in February from a small inheritance. A few weeks later, while still waiting for the gold, she says she asked for a refund. The company gave her half, she says.

“The rest of it, we were told, we may get or we may not get,” said Clifton.

Other customers have similar complaints.

Hansen told KING 5 he is not selling products or refunding money because he lost a $38 million defamation lawsuit in Nevada.