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Northrup's Declaration

March 8, 2019 12:35PM EST

On its face, Northrup's declaration is pretty basic. He included 4 items: the by-laws of the UCC, the minutes of the UCC meetings, an email he sent to Gearin with a UCC member's response to Gearin's request for communications with Ross Hansen, and emails Northrup sent to Gearin mentioning two specific UCC members.

But: boy, oh boy.

Northrup to Calvert (Cc:ing Gearin), 17 March 2017, 4:01PM and 4:37PM: "I had a long talk with [UCC member David Petteys]. We both agree that [the UCC co-chair] has to go. Petteys has agreed to approach [another UCC member] on the same issue, to see if [that member] will go voluntarily." and "Would the two of you consider asking the court/UST to remove [the other UCC member] from the Committee, based on their collusion with Ross and [the UCC co-chair], if they refuse to resign voluntarily? Petteys might find your view on this useful. Thanks." Petteys is the attorney representing a UCC member; Petteys is also the husband of an employee of the Seattle office of the Office of the United States Trustee that has been involved in this case. Note that there is no sign of any evidence that the 2nd UCC member provided any information to Ross Hansen.

Northrup to Calvert and Gearin, 21 March 2017, 11:07AM: "Larry Ciappellone just called me about this ... Ciappellone would like to see [the other UCC member] and [the UCC co-chair] gone from the Committee but recognizes the bad blood that it would create if the Committee actually had to vote on removal. He is also concerned about who would vote. So his view is (and he makes sense) that the Trustee should take the lead on this, not only with the email but perhaps with a communication to Martin Smith." Ciappellone is another member of the UCC. 15 minutes later, Gearin sent an email to UCC members stating that the Trustee was starting an investigation, and that Calvert "demands immediate production" of emails to Ross Hansen.

For those that are confused: The attorney for the UCC appears to have convinced the opposing attorney to "take the lead" on an investigation with the clear goal of removing 2 UCC members. Wow. Just wow