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Provident - 10 ounce bar 69 cents over spot - any quantity
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Thread: Provident - 10 ounce bar 69 cents over spot - any quantity

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    Default Provident - 10 ounce bar 69 cents over spot - any quantity

    Provident has changed the sale on this item once again to 69 cents over spot for any quantity.

    Provident is selling their 10 once bar at 69 cents over spot for any quantity which is now produced by Elemental Mint instead of Ohio Precious Metals. That should make it a quality product now versus what OPM put out.


    However I'm not sure how much difference the quality is versus what OPM was putting out in the past since Elemental Mint bought out Ohio Precious Metals as a merger between them and NTR back in 2012 and they are still made in the same location, hopefully under new management with different quality standards.

    Elemental then bought out Provident Metals in 2013 which I didn't know.

    Provident has been selling products with NTR and OPM name on them up until recently and now nothing.

    Provident has been selling some specialty rounds from Elemental Mint for some time, but just recently came out with a couple competitive priced products.

    Provident Metals just started selling Silvertowne products, which now makes me start to wonder who owns Silvertowne as Provident stopped selling other mint products that were not in their chain a couple years ago, other than some of the big boys like Sunshine..

    That being said, Elemental Mint produced products that I've seen to date have all been top quality including the Prospector one ounce round and the new Buffalo one ounce round with micro lines. I couldn't help but order one to see it they could actually produce anything to compare with the Maple and it does look pretty good so far, but I'll have to compare both of them under power to see the differences.

    Provident has several one ounce rounds and one, five and ten ounce bars they claim to produce at Provident Mint and they are all top quality as well. Where they are actually produced and by which company I'm now in doubt, but as long as the quality is still great it must be under the control of Elemental Mint as they took over control of all these companies over two year ago.

    Elemental had some agreement back in 2012 to keep the OPM plant in Ohio and they continued to put out mediocre products, so I don't know if they have been moving some of their production to Dallas where their headquarters are located along with Provident Metals or not, but it is getting interesting and hopefully an even more secure online dealer with this kind of backing.
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