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Thread: Venezuela May Sell 3 Million Ounces of Gold

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    Quote Originally Posted by rush2112 View Post
    No need to be so sarcastic.

    What happens in the world tomorrow is unknown.

    Should America shoot down a Russian fighter jet on purpose or by accident, the world changes immediately.

    BTW Valerb, I have cousins in Tifton, Georgia.

    Was there a couple times, amazed at the big bottles of Canadian whiskey in them little corner stores, in the wet counties.

    To be clear that was directed at Gollumthegreat not Boomer.

    I don't believe in this reset concept any more than I believe we will be surviving off of Gold and silver one day because all fiat currencies will curl up and die as he keeps predicting.

    It's one thing to believe in some kind of new world currency or to believe in hyperinflation will cause your local currency to need to be replaced by a new release, but to believe that everything will come to an end is what he keeps predicting. Nothing but Gold and Silver to save the day, period. But then he believes everything is evil, all companies, corporations and governments.

    The US and Russia are not the only ones flying in the Skies over Syria and no one is shooting at other planes in the air, even an accident wouldn't bring about a new war. Too much at stake for both countries unless one of them decided they finally think it's about time to get it over with and that's not likely to happen, as a shooting war would have to escalate into a nuclear war sooner or later. We just have to thank the heavens that both Russian and china are not run by Religious nuts that might think bringing the world to an end is the right thing to do.

    My first trip to Georgia was as a guest of the US Army stationed at Ft. Benning Ga. in the early 60's. Bars couldn't sell anything but beer and soft drinks and ice. But there was a tiny booze stand like a fireworks stand outside any nightclub of size selling just about anything you wanted and you could bring it in with you. Strange laws back then. I don't remember if there were different sizes available, but I do remember everyone seemed to buy these 1/5th size bottles. I didn't go that often as I had to use a fake ID and it was a gamble getting caught. There were plenty of other activities for those of us under 21 back then and drunken bar fight's with a bunch of red necks and soldiers was not on the top of my list.
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