"The average life expectancy in the United States has once again dropped after peaking in 2014.
Experts say that drug overdoses are the reason why,

but could there be other factors that come into play as well?"

more at the link...

Hard to believe that the whorprit information sources are still acting like there is a mystery,
and apparently most Americans are suicidal or DUMB AS ROCKS.
Yes, the globalists restarted the opioid flow after the Taliban stopped it almost 20 years ago, and drugs are a factor in the death increase,
but as I'd posted four years ago, the Fukushima fallout is the main reason for the decline in longevity.

If you have not been proactively protecting yourself and your dependents,
then you obviously trust the globalist kabbal for information over mine,
and your premature death will be mostly your fault.

Because I get zero supporting feedback, only flack from the forum's troll,
I must assume that the forum membership is in denial.
If you are not stupid and suicidal, then go back and reread this thread.