Meow, Dandy, & QT

Combining zany, offbeat, quirky, amazingly well thought out sci-fi short stories with awesomely original seventies style soundtracks is a winner for me.
If you are ever in the mood for some high quality mindless entertainment, and don't mind watching anime, episode 9 of SPACE☆DANDY's second season is excellent!

Episode 10 was the very first love story in the series, and it was really well done.
I was glad to see the anime's artwork reverting to the classic Dandy style, after a couple of weeks where it had gone missing.

Episode 11 posted this past weekend, is yet another love story! LOL
Another five thumbs up because I loved it, although it's probably not a story that many here can appreciate.

What I really can not figure out is why so many anime enthusiasts insist that these anime are not of Caucasian featured characters when they clearly are.

Honey, a worker at BOOBIES the restaurant
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In SPACE☆DANDY, the main antagonist Doctor Gel is a pimp daddy styled, Uncle Sam hat wearing, caped gorilla with a Captain America shield on his shoulder. Yellow stars replace the white ones on the hat and shield. The Doctor travels in what looks like the decapitated head of The Statue of Liberty. The next episode will have a Kingfish sounding, Al Sharpton coiffured, alien with a blue star on his forehead acting as judge in Dandy's murder trial. Listening to the great music throughout the series, it is easy to detect from where they draw much of their inspiration. But why so covertly racist? The Japanese have so much tremendous talent, yet they are so much in denial about so much.