December 12, 2017 1:35PM EST

There are less than 48 hours until the hearing on the Settlement Agreement. Despite the protest from many creditors (or perhaps because of it), there has been complete silence.
I look at a number of sources for information on court happenings. The primary source is the case docket, which shows all the papers filed for the bankruptcy. Nothing has been filed regarding the Gugasian Settlement since the day the Settlement Agreement was filed with the court. Often there will be documents, such as objections/oppositions (or a notice that there are none), replys/responses, and similar documents. In this case, there has been nothing. That suggests that the local rules do not have letters written to the Judge automatically become part of the case docket (unlike, for example, the NWT Mint bankruptcy in Washington State).

One thing that can be determined from this is that as of this writing, no creditor has had an attorney file a written opposition, which an attorney would very likely do if a creditor hired them because they were opposed to the Settlement Agreement. If an attorney is planning to do so, they are doing it quite late.

For this issue, I am also looking at the Judge's calendar of tentative rulings. I believe she often will update that when she has information ahead of time suggesting how she will rule (e.g. stating that if there are no objections filed she will rule in favor of a motion). But she has not updated her page. That could either be typical, or indicative of her having received objections from creditors; there is no way for me to know.

In any case, the Gugasians and the Trustee will know on Thursday how the Judge rules. Hopefully, it will not be too long after the hearing before we hear the outcome.