I'm kind of a history buff. Growing up in Colorado and spending weekends and summers in the Colorado Rockies, exploring old ghost towns around gold and silver mines and boomtowns gone bust, got me into the background of our metals.

Have you ever held a coin - maybe an old silver dollar, or even a brand new Silver Eagle or Silver Maple - and tried to imagine where it's been? Can you imagine what that old Morgan silver dollar meant to someone back in 1878, besides just the pay for a full day's work? Or maybe a Peace silver dollar, which might have been made out of melted down old worn-out Morgans. Maybe that little bit of silver has been fought over. Maybe someone died for it. Maybe it's been carried in pockets on old steam trains, sailing ships, on horseback or mule. It may have been to foreign countries.

Even more intriguing is that gold coin. Maybe it was once Aztec gold - an old gold cup or bowl, confiscated by the Spanish and taken back to Spain while the Aztecs or Mayans lay dying of smallpox. Maybe that gold coin was once part of a king's treasury, later melted and used to pay a nation's debts.

Just wondering - any of you guys ever hold a piece of metal and wonder just where all it's been, and what it's meant to people in years past?