but an excellent support therapy.

A few months ago I had another foot injury which I treated w/ EIS/CS/Ionic silver/ Ag water. All came out/ worked well for me. After several soakings I filtered the used soak and stored just in case I felt I needed more soakings. I forgot about it until Sunday morning. I found the previously used soak water. I found growths at various levels within the clear bottle container.
This reminded me some bacteria and some fungi are not affected (just like in our gut) by silver.
Dr. Asa Andrews has a radio talk show, Steve Barwick sells CS generators, and has one of the best CS websites on the web. Both in the month have addressed this exact issue recently. Both also state that EIS/CS/Ionic Silver/ Ag water as an effective supplement FOR PRESCRIBED ANTIBIOTCS along w/ Vitamins C (1000mg) and D( to be determined by physician).

So know what to fight and when to fight alone, and when to get with your Dr. for further health support.