You stated two different time periods without specifying what kind of orders. You are now retroactively saying that you meant online orders were delayed 12-14 weeks.

What a dimwit, Ok, I'll post it one more time for you just as it has been posted above and there is no reference to any online orders being delayed 12 - 14 weeks: Apparently you have a reading comprehension problem. The delivery time reached a maximum of 12 to 14 weeks. I'll give you a hint, that's more than one month and less than six months. The only people receiving in less than the quoted 12 14 week time frame were those buying NWTM products only and basically their one once rounds. They have never shipped in less than one month for as long as I've been buying from them and that goes back to the 90's. The other people receiving their orders in less than one month were those buying online and paying the higher premiums. Before you want to try and contradict my facts, you might want to check out the above thread that dealt with this very subject for the last four months of 2008, when all hell broke loose. Those were Silver Seek members reporting on their actual experiences. Good and bad. No one got screwed and no one was delayed beyond that actual time frame. Some were close and and some were far less. One thing that everyone agreed with, was the price couldn't be beat. It was the wait that drove some people crazy.

Since your so confused, that statement was in regard to telephone orders and the delivery time frame for them and I tossed in the time frame for online orders after that. Did you catch the part I underlined for you this time. It was there the last time also and the time before that.

You also just said they will send you product immediately from the website using online ordering.

The contradictions are obvious, if you can not see them then you sir are the one that needs an increase in your comprehension. Maybe cut back on the prescription meds if you are taking any.

This is clearly getting personal for you, I really do not care that you contradicted yourself I am just trying to say how it was in 2008. The day that it was between 8 and 9 dollars an ounce NWTM's phones were on hold all day. No matter how loud you say its always available sometimes it is delayed or not for sale at spot or whatever, so stop being obstinate and relent your efforts to tell everyone that because you got a decent premium in 2008 it is impossible that anyone else payed higher premiums.

Wrong, what I've been saying is that you and your buddy are wrong about paying over $2 in premiums for NWTM products that were not placed online back in 2008, it didn't happen and he/she is wrong about his/her allegations about NWTM and all there legal problem unless he/she has something to support those allegations. I also said I would use that information against NWTM in the future if it was provided and it hasn't. I also said his/her time frame for deliveries back in 2008 of 1 - 6 months was also wrong as the deliveries were being done in 12 - 14 weeks max, with some rare exceptions if at all. I was only aware of One and even that didn't take six months. None of this has anything to do with some people not being able to reach a live body to place a telephone order during those time frames when the price was bottoming out. People were all dialing the phone trying to get in on the action, it wasn't available anywhere else on the internet or in person for the same low premiums NWTM was charging. Just because many people couldn't get through, didn't have anything to do with all those that did and no one reported any increases in premiums back then. If you don't believe it, check out that thread. There are a few other threads from that same time frame dealing with NWTM also.

If you want to say you don't like NWTM, that's your right, I do the same about some of their activities and I did so in the above thread and that is the reason it was closed, so as not to keep providing positive information about them to others on this forum. That is far different than slandering them and spreading false information.

This is why "old" people like myself need data to refer back to, our memories are not as dull as yours, so we rely on actual information to support our thoughts. Sometimes it's still defective, but that's what data is for, to correct the record. It worked very well for me when I was younger in my work and it's been very useful in my "old" age, you should try it sometime. It really brings clarity to a cloudy memory, young or old!!!