Lost in the shuffle of the whiff in NFP, the loss of jobs in Canada and north Korea, Israel, Cyprus, Slovenia, etc

TOCOM GOLD traded an all time high today 156,383 yen per one oz

obviously this was due to the currency printing and debasement of the yen and yes the 30 buck gold rally helped, but I thin it echoes my point of it matter how it got there

I guarantee those people in Japan do not feel more wealthy today, well maybe but not in a week

This whole BS about the dollar, and inflation. I like Gold and Silver, I pick my spots for personal holdings, and trade the "paper" too amazing the prices I pay for coins and such are always driven by the futures

Ten years ago you could buy all the 1950's and 1960's Canada and US stuff for under spot when you looked on a certain "auction site"

No one was selling Silver eagles or the bullion coin of choice at 50.00 back then

said I said it before and I will say it again.............for anything major to happen there need to be unity, so when the coin guys, physical guys, scrap guys, etf guys futures guys and large cash players all make a bull move at the same time, we will see a big move up, gosh from here up20% puts SIlver all the way back to 32.50

Do people think Gold in Japan is being manipulated up ??????????

Is the BOJ secretly selling yen and buying gold ?????????
I have not heard that one, but why not throw that in the pot of manipulation stories

for every buyer there is seller, and every short a long, only a few people buy the bottom and sell the top

you physical guys can buy insurance IE options on you holdings ????????
If you are so concerned of a drop when its 25 or 30 or 40 or 50 buy puts and hope you lose