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Solar Powered Kitchen Island
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Thread: Solar Powered Kitchen Island

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    Default Solar Powered Kitchen Island

    Finally, after 6 months of honey-do work, and after 2 months of squeezing in time to strip, reside, modify and stain a used Kitchen Island bought off of Grieg’s List, I have finished my Solar Power Island!

    It is perfect for making emergency power “Silently” in the event of a mass power failure, economic collapse, or to weather the next zombie apocalypse, that may come my way!
    Hopefully, I can also use it to pull my fridge of the grid to save some cash too.

    Here are the photos of the work…

    The steel angle iron rack for the solar panels

    Installing the Panels

    Look at the new kitchen island. Check out all the new outlets on it.

    Inside, you can now see the heart of the matter...

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