The following rights and freedoms are basic to all individuals:

1. The right to control our own bodies - to decide what food, drink, and medicines to take and use, and what food, drink, and medicines not to take.

2. The right to supplement our diets with vitamins, minerals, herbs, amino acids, and enzymes without government restrictions.

3. The right to receive alternative medicine and treatments (such as those provided by chiropractors, acupuncturists, naturopathic doctors, massage therapists, and clinical nutritionists) without government restrictions.

4. The right of alternative medical practitioners to determine and use those treatments best suited for their patients without government restrictions.

5. The right of manufacturers and distributors of dietary supplements to provide truthful research and label information about the benefits of supplements and other health aids.

6. The right to discuss and disseminate truthful natural-health information. The FDA, the FTC, and other government agencies should not be allowed to prevent health organizations such as the National Health Federation from disseminating this vital information.

7. Freedom from international Codex Alimentarius Commission standards that would greatly restrict all of the above rights on behalf of a small elite that has gained control of governmental health agencies. We view this and other governmental actions as the greatest threats to our health freedom today.

8. The freedom to eat clean, fresh food without pesticides, hormones, antibiotics, poisons, or irradiation.

9. The right to breathe clean air and to drink water free of harmful chemicals such as fluoride.

10. The right to protect ourselves and our children from unnecessary and often dangerous, childhood vaccines.

11. The right of our military men and women to refuse to submit to mandatory vaccines such as anthrax.

12. The right to keep our medical records private and confidential.